Community Participation

comunidadeSocial, cultural and sporting inclusion is not the exclusive responsibility of the State. Organized society plays a fundamental role, in which every citizen must contribute by doing his part in the process. Everyone needs to work together in partnership, in order to create conditions for social inclusion to happen.

The project acts to prevent and alleviate the problems of a society in which few actions already make much difference in the lives of people whose environment they live in would only cause them to go to marginality. Children whose future would be nebulous and troubled are brought to a healthy environment, showing them a promising future, giving them the opportunity to be valued as human beings.

As an example of community engagement we can mention the active participation of Maria Conceição Pereira de Sousa, mother of Emanuelly Pereira de Sousa Lima, athlete of the project since 2009, who in 2013, at the age of 8, participated in the Brazilian championship held in Porto Alegre , In which it conquered a gold medal and one of silver. In 2014, he obtained a silver medal in the Brazilian championship in Brasilia.

Maria Conceição develops relevant volunteer work in all activities in support of the project, but she is also a guardian angel who extends her careful look to other children who need a more comprehensive word and a look. Accompany actively the sporting and formative development of the daughter, and in return helps in the necessary administrative work.

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